Everyday we walk together, all the way
Sometimes we found that we are so great
Because we are belong to the Success one
The Other time we cry along day
Because we found that we were falling into the deepest darkness

Our way is just like a wheel, a perfect wheel
Today we are at the top
But yesterday we are at the bottom
We always want to be at the top
But no one can deny that the wheel rotates every second
No one can stop this rotation; even we give the best strength to stop it
No one can deny that we are not the champion all the time

Being success is not a destination
Being success is a journey to the Promised Land
We will collect it one by one from our surroundings
Maybe we could find it in our heart
Or sometimes it can be found in the eyes of our lover and our family
It can even be found in the unpredictable places
But I told you once again that our task is only collect it one by one patiently

I know you will always be my beloved brother
I know we are walk along our own path
But no one can deny that you and I have the same dark side
The dark side that no one can through it
And we through the journey together
Even You and I lie in the very faraway distance
But I think our heart are bonded by the love
The love comes from Allah the Almighty
The love will never end even by the time

Please realize that maybe one day you will be arrived to the destination before me
I just only have a wish for you…
Wait for me in that beautiful place
Reach my hand to enter the most beautiful
In that beautiful place let’s talk about our journey
And let me see you as a person with a happy ending journey
And I will let you see me as a person who is the winner of the eternal promises from the Almighty

Beloved Soul


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